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Press Releases & News

Released: 09/16/2016

Big Shout Out!

The City of Carmel deserves a big shout out. Every year we have assistance beginning with road closures on Friday after the school buses go through. There is overseeing the set up for safety concerns; Saturday and Sunday we have onsite police and fire department presence to keep the overall welfare and security for festival go-ers. The CIAF board has been training for emergencies and finally, for their professionalism and humor in getting us all through the festival safe and sound. Thank you all!


Released: 09/12/2016

New Festival Highlight

This year for the first time, we are having plows at the Carmel International Arts Festival! Two plows will be delivered that Carmel High School Art Club will be painting them. One plow will have an aboriginal design of an animal painted and snow flake on the other. The entire experience will be during the festival so we can all stop by and see the progress. The plows will be used by the Carmel Street Department this winter (hopefully they won’t be needed too much!)


Thank you!

James Bednarski, thank you for all that you do for the Carmel International Arts Festival. James takes care of facilities which includes ice, personal comfort, and anything else that needs to be delivered, swept, or handled. Can you imagine our festival without strategically positioned restrooms? The entire experience is more fun (and comfortable). Thank you, James!


Released: 08/09/2016

Beer and Wine Vendors Announced

Peace Water Winery logo

New for 2016, Peace Water Winery (located in the heart of the Carmel Arts and Design District) is offering wine for purchase.  If you want to know what wine to buy while you are enjoying our entertainment and artists – stop by and taste a few.

You can learn more about Peace Water Winery here:


Sun King logo

Once again this year we are pleased to have Sun King Brewing Company (located in Indianapolis, Indiana) providing some of their fine selection of beverages for purchase.

Learn more about Sun King Brewery here:



Released: 07/22/2016

What’s New You Ask?

Every year the board looks for new people and events to add to the Carmel International Arts Festival. This year we are bringing back your favorites and adding polish.

Also new! The Indianapolis Museum of Art is joining us.

Returning are this year are:  ICCCI Chinese Dragon, Phone Club, Minyo Dancers, Kenny Phelps, Dwight Lightning and the Conch City All-Stars, plus the Maple Trio! In addition to creative activities, artist’s booths / displays, the Carmel and University High School Art Exhibit, is Free Entertainment, and FREE shuttles!

The 19th Annual Carmel International Arts Festival will take place on Saturday – September 24th (10 am-6 pm) and Sunday – September 25th (10 am-5 pm) in the downtown Carmel Arts & Design District (Main Street & Rangeline Road – Carmel). Admission & Parking are FREE!

Released: 06/13/2016

We are proud to announce that the Carmel International Arts Festival has become a 501(c)(3).

Our status has changed and this means great things for our festival and our sponsors! Our generous contributors will enjoy a greater tax deduction, based on your filing status. We thank you all for your support!

The focus of the Carmel International Arts Festival has grown into “Educating Through the Arts” and while we remain separate entities, the festival is partnering with the Carmel Arts Council, local business owners, and our attending artists to help our community grow in their knowledge and love of art.

The Carmel International Arts Festival Committee thanks Rosemary Waters, Dawn Fraley, Joan Cimino, and Anne Poindexter for their hard work in the long process of attaining this designation.

The 19th Annual Carmel International Arts Festival will take place on Saturday – September 24th (10 am–6 pm) and Sunday – September 25th (10 am-5 pm) in the downtown Carmel Arts & Design District (Main Street & Rangeline Road – Carmel ). Admission & Parking are FREE!


Thanks to all our followers and repeat attendees for making us an entertainment value for Hamilton County visitors. See you at the festival! Like us on FaceBook and be “in the know”!