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The Carmel International Arts Festival 2019 artist application via Zapplication will be available December 1, 2019. Zapplication offers a “green,” user-friendly system that will help the Carmel International Arts Festival provide a smooth paperless-application for artists that enhances our organization.

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Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

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We wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to all of the artists who applied for the 22nd Annual Carmel International Arts Festival. Please apply to be part of the 2020 Festival’s “Celebration of the Arts,” in Carmel’s Arts and Design District on Main Street and Rangeline Road in Old Town. Below you will find artist information and requirements for entry.





$7,000 will be awarded to selected artists:

  • Best of Show: $1,500
  • 1st Place: $1,000
  • 2nd Place: $750
  • 3rd Place: $500
  • Best of Media (10 awards): $150 each
  • Honorable Mentions (10 awards): $100 each
  • Mayor’s Award: $250

(Judges reserve the right to recognize Media of their choice)



Festival Rules and Regulations

  • Artists may only show work in categories and body of work selected by the jury. All work exhibited must be of the quality, category, and body of work of that shown in the images juried.
  • All work must be original, handcrafted work produced within the last two years. Artists guarantee the accuracy of the description of the works presented and the authenticity of the work as the creation of their own hands.
  • Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist.
  • All work must be a minimum of 90% handmade by the artist. Commercially manufactured materials such as bought beads are not permitted.
  • Buy/Sell items are not permitted at the Carmel International Arts Festival.
  • Collaborating artists are permitted, however, no more than two artists may collaborate on work and only their joint work may be shown. Both must be included in the application and be present for the hours of the festival.
  • Only one artist will be permitted per booth, artists are not allowed to share their exhibit space.
  • Awnings are not permitted due to space limitations. Please ensure that your booth and artwork stay within the allocated booth area.
  • Artists must be present and must personally staff their exhibit space for both days of the Carmel International Arts Festival. Representatives may not attend in place of the artist. Photo identification will be required at check-in to ensure compliance.

    Rule Violation Policy

    To ensure fairness to all artists, policies detailed in the application will be strictly enforced. Artists not in compliance with the Carmel International Arts Festival rules and regulations will be asked to withdraw from the festival without refund. The Carmel International Arts Festival reserves the right to take action to ensure that all work is in compliance with the policies stated. The Carmel International Arts Festival also reserves the right to withhold invitation of those in violation of policy to future festivals.


    Questions? Contact Us!

    Notification of acceptance/denial will be made no later than May 5, 2019.

    Sunday, August 11, 2019, 11:59 PM EDT: Last day to cancel participation in the 2019 festival with a refund minus $30 administrative fee. No refunds will be given after this date.

    Please note that our festival footprint will be changing for 2019!     Due to this change, booth numbers and locations will be changing from previous years. Every effort will be made to accommodate the requests of return artists, but cannot be guaranteed.


    Carmel International Arts Festival Hours

    Saturday, September 28
    Festival Hours 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
    Judging 10:30 AM
    ART ROCKS! 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

    Sunday, September 29
    Festival Hours 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM


    Artists are invited to attend as guests or maintain open booth hours for our family-friendly event and street party. A dozen various food and beverage vendors will be present and the event will feature music performed by The Bishops.

    Artist Conveniences and Booth Requirements

      • Artists designated parking area •
      • Designated booth sitters provided to allow artist breaks •
      • Overnight security walkthrough provided – this will be increased drastically this year •
      • Complimentary water  •
      • Easy drive-up to load and unload.
      • Artists will be located on Main Street and Rangeline Road in the Carmel Arts and Design District. Artists must supply or rent a 10′ x 10′ tent WITH WEIGHTS to protect against strong winds. No concrete nails or stakes of any kind are permitted.


      • Artists must bring their own booth display equipment including table and chairs. Aluminum-frame webbed lawn or beach chairs are not allowed. All artwork must be contained within the artist’s booth. AWNINGS THAT EXTEND OUTSIDE OF THE BOOTH SPACE ARE NOT PERMITTED. Please take care in setting up a professional display.


      • Artists are not allowed double booth spaces without prior authorization. Artists wishing to purchase a double booth should email requests to


      • Artists who request an electrical hook-up must supply their own extension cords, lighting, etc. Due to our power limitations, only a total of 600 watts will be permitted.


      • Returning artists will be assigned booth spaces first on a seniority system, with new artists appointed generally by media category to maintain a distribution of categories in all areas.


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